Today I drove to Port Alberni to visit my friend Sandra. It takes about an hour and a half to drive there usually and depending on the traffic. I just made one stop at Cathedral Grove where the ancient trees tower above us. As today was a day of mist and fog, with very little blue sky and sunshine, the light was quite subdued. All the following pictures of Cathedral Grove and Port Alberni are therefore rather flat.  Click on one of the images to open the slide show.




quaver 012-altered



It was quite a wonderful experience arriving back on the island for spring had sprung enthusiastically. The trees were and are in full bright leaf and the flowers were and are blooming for all they are worth. The weather has been wonderful all week and although rain is expected for a few days, the sun will be back next week – if the weather network is correct….

I’ve been mainly working in the garden, visiting friends and re-aquainting myself with a painting I started before the kids book project that features the things I loved about Venice. Was it really 2 years ago that I started this painting? Its as though the 15 months that the book took to create have vanished and my life is back to normal.

Here is a slide show of a few impressions from my return home and living in Ladysmith. Click on an image to start the slideshow.

Last weekend went to San Diego to a Masterpath seminar and then stayed for a few days with good friend Lil and her sister Nancy. Nancy lives in Cardiff-by the Sea just north of San Diego and was kind enough to host us. Despite the weather being somewhat foggy and misty we had a few excellent walks on the beach.

Here are a few photos of the pelicans that were very accommodating and let me take some half decent photos of them.

After much deliberation and over painting I ended up with this border for my large mirror. All part of the general upgrade of the house – finishing things off.



P1040300 P1040298



Yesterday I was able to clear up the kitchen as apart from the above range exhaust installation, the kick boards and pulls the kitchen is complete. Oh and one cupboard door…and the shelf above the sinks and under cabinet lighting…

Here are the before and after pics. Different character and the kitchen now actually functions. Bit scared of the oven still – 40 digital controls and counting!! Its not sunny this morning so the colour is a bit subdued.







Although progress has been somewhat slow on the kitchen, it is only because Tony is careful and we have had to work around the back splash. I have not wanted to change the back splash as I like it! However it followed the line of the old cabinets and because there is an inch difference in ceiling height from one side of the room to the other, we have been having quite a bit of fun trying to make level cabinets!! So here are the photos taken this morning. The sink is now in and the wari corner also, apart from the door. The wari corner which allows storage in hidden corner cupboards and engineered to last centuries, I’ll show in another photo tomorrow.





The cabinets arrived on time and almost everything is A OK. Taking some sorting and of course there is still plumbing to do. But at least today it looks as though something has happened. The stacking in the kitchen is because the appliances arrive tomorrow and there needs to be room for those.


The main bedroom has all the doors in it to protect from the cats.


And the cats have to share the living room with the moulding and other cabinets. Very disgruntled they are as their landscape has completely changed….

cats and moulding

Chaos reigns and I won’t even show you the studio.

Now to put my feet up and finish watching ‘Howard’s End’ in front of the woodstove….


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